A Noobs Guide To Renaming Your Server

Alright, noob. So you have a server but nothing much else. Before you start getting up and running with your server on the network, you would need to find a way to identify your server out of the possibly hundreds of other servers on the network. You have to draw up some naming convention for your servers to easily identify your server by its role, purpose or location in your data center. I will probably talk about how to get a good server naming system going but for now, let’s try learning how to rename your server.

When the server starts up, it will automatically start Server Manager. Click on Local Server from the menu on the left.

On the right side, click the Computer Name. This will open up System Properties. Click the Change button.

In Computer Name/Domain Changes window, type in your server’s name in the Computer name text box based on your server’s naming convention. Click on the OK button when you are done.

Click OK in the window asking to restart the computer to apply the changes.

Click OK again in the Computer Name/Domain Changes window. Click the Restart Now button to immediately apply the server name change.

Once it restarts, your server should now be using the name you assigned to it.

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